startegy in a sentence

  1. "The Canadian teams lost today because we wanted to try our new startegy and it didn't work.
  2. "' This page is merely a defence startegy of the users mikka, who were first accused of misbehavior, prior to this counter claims'page being launched by them.
  3. While other insurers have undergone dramatic restructuring, sold under-performing units, taken one-time reserve additions, cut staff and changed startegy, AIG has kept its ship on the same successful course.
  4. Upon taking office as AFFA General Secretary, Mammadov initiated reformation of Association structure  which resulted in such new departments as Registration and Statistics, Women s Leagues, Information Technologies, and others  and facilitated adoption of AFFA startegy with three defined priorities : Education, Infrastructure and Grassroots.
  5. Even by telegraphing that the US-led onslaught would be a " shock and awe " campaign, the US unnecessarily played into the Iraqis hands, according to Joulwan, because from an enemy standpoint it provided additional reason not to confront the US directly . " There were strong indications this was part of their startegy, " Joulwan said.
  6. It's difficult to find startegy in a sentence.

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