started with a song in a sentence

  1. ""'Started with a Song "'" is a song recorded by Canadian country music artist Brett Kissel.
  2. It was released in June 2013 as the first single from his major label debut album, " Started with a Song ".
  3. ""'Started with a Song " "'is the major label debut album by Canadian country music artist Brett Kissel.
  4. The final performance from the passionate South African started with a song as he and teammates gave a rendition of their national anthem in response to the New Zealand haka on Saturday.
  5. Kissel also closed the show at Rexall Place with a two song performance that included a medley of " 3-2-1 " and " Started With A Song ", both number one videos on CMT Canada.
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  7. On February 14, 2014, Kissel released his third single from his " Started with a Song " album titled " 3-2-1 " with a music video directed by Shaun Silva of Tacklebox Films.
  8. On January 25, 2014, Brett Kissel was nominated for four Association of Country Music in Alberta Awards ( ACMAs ), winning two awards for Rising Star and Single of the Year for " Started with a Song ".
  9. Dozens of former communists, dissidents and Mlynar's friends from the Czech community in exile gathered at the ceremony on Friday, which started with a song by Russian balladeer Bulat Okudzhava and ended with Maurice Ravel's " Bolero ."
  10. In January 2015, Kissel won three ( 3 ) Association of Country Music in Alberta Awards ( ACMA's ), for " Single of the Year " ( 3-2-1 ), " Male Artist of the Year ", and " Album of the Year " ( Started With A Song ).

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