started up in a sentence

"started up" in Chinese  
  1. The whole motley lot . . . started up the hill.
  2. He started up court, heading left . He saw roadblocks.
  3. NeoVision Corp . started up Monday _ for the second time.
  4. When I started up, people were closing down big theaters.
  5. On the flight deck, Kevorkian started up the four engines.
  6. It's difficult to find started up in a sentence.
  7. When I started up my computer, I heard a roar.
  8. Of course, the argument started up again in my office.
  9. This was the other day, when school started up again.
  10. A lot of these companies started up not too long ago.
  11. She said yes and so we started up the escalator stairs.
  12. Opel started up in 1862 as a sewing-machine manufacturer.
  13. The mills were started up immediately after the agreement was reached.
  14. But then the rattling " started up again ."
  15. The ball started up the line and tailed back into me,
  16. There was a sigh of relief as the Nasdaq started up.
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