started over in a sentence

"started over" in Chinese  
  1. Musically speaking, Chapman also started over on the new album.
  2. The political jockeying has already started over Clinton's trip.
  3. "I started over mentally, " he said.
  4. He needs to continue what he's started over time.
  5. We probably should have just gone home and started over tomorrow.
  6. It's difficult to find started over in a sentence.
  7. Larry lost it and started over the barrier toward the fan.
  8. The match started over two hours late because of steady rain.
  9. Work started over the weekend of 23 / 24 January 2016.
  10. Minor edit war started over text in Bush Derangement Syndrome article.
  11. SFLA has started over 714 new pro-life campus organizations.
  12. Wasn't this all started over " proof " anyways?
  13. This thread was started over an edit war that occured today.
  14. Wow everything's changed, the discussion has started over.
  15. I started over again, several times, using Opera Browser.
  16. It is not as though Malle started over when he reached America.
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