star stone in a sentence

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  1. Hodgkins flings an Elder Sign " star stone " at the statue, destroying it.
  2. Most of the colonies portrayed in the show specialized in either agriculture or mining " star stones ".
  3. WWF star Stone Cold Steve Austin has surgery scheduled for Jan . 11 to repair problems with his neck and back.
  4. Ironically, it's co-star Stone, perhaps best known for uncrossing her legs in " Basic Instinct, " who leaves her clothes on in " Last Dance ."
  5. At Survivor Series, WWF's top star Stone Cold Steve Austin was run over by a limousine to write him off of television due to a serious neck injury.
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  7. Throughout the game, the Source Hunters occasionally encounter magical crystals known as " Star Stones " ( some of them transformed into " blood stones " by the Immaculates'sacrifices ).
  8. As penance for their failure, the Guardians chose to be stripped of their powers and memories and were reborn in Rivellon as ordinary humans; the Star Stones are, in fact, crystallized fragments of their lost memories.
  9. In other parts of England, circular crinoid columnals were known as " fairy money . " Pentagonal crinoid columnals were known as " star stones ", and moulds of the stems left impressions which were known as screwstones.
  10. As they recover more Star Stones, they learn from them that the Source had originally been a benevolent magic associated with Astarte, the goddess of life, before it was corrupted by the Void, an evil force from outside of the material world.
  11. One team, the "'Juicy Fruities "', got too close and were tipped . "'Team Speedwagon "'was able to also bring protection to Bear as well as transport a Star Stone to the Wizard, gaining enough tokens to be named the Protectors of the Backwaters.
  12. After WrestleMania XIV in March 1998, which featured Mike Tyson as a ring enforcer, and Shawn Michaels'final match up until 2002, the WWF regained the lead in the Monday Night Wars with its new " WWF Attitude " brand, led in particular by rising stars Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, ratings battle in the 84 weeks since 1996.
  13. Team "'Arrr ! "'managed to bring a "'Paddle Quest Hero "'named "'White Lightning "'to the island, where he would stay until the following year in 2006 . "'The Wizard "', who was living on a northern sand bar, recruited teams to bring him his Star Stones which were 80 lb boulders that teams had to transport across the distance of about 6 miles.

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