stanislao lista in a sentence

  1. He studied at the Academy of Naples under the professor Stanislao Lista.
  2. He also worked in Stanislao Lista's studio.
  3. He studied there with Stanislao Lista.
  4. Belliazzi received his first training from Tommaso Solari in Naples, but followed the styles of Alfonso Balzico and Stanislao Lista.
  5. De Martino was born in Naples on 3 or 13 January 1870, and studied at the Reale Istituto di Belle Arti there, under Gioacchino Toma and Stanislao Lista.
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  7. His first master was the watercolor artist Giovanni Giordano Lanza ( 1827-1889 ), then he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, then he went to work in the studio under Stanislao Lista.

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