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  1. Western diplomats in Belgrade said Stanisic speaks to Milosevic almost daily.
  2. He announced the same proceedings for Karadzic, Mladic and Stanisic.
  3. Stanisic met again with Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic on Monday.
  4. The Serbs released 121 peacekeepers on Friday after intervention by Stanisic.
  5. But Stanisic said he was hopeful more would be released soon.
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  7. His security chief, Jovica Stanisic, negotiated all of them.
  8. Stanisic said when the bus crossed the Serbian border late Sunday.
  9. Stanisic said, also hinting at an extension of the deadline.
  10. Stanisic reportedly also spoke against the recent media crackdown in Serbia.
  11. Stanisic and Simatovic can appeal the ruling to a higher court.
  12. Ljajic did not clarify what Stanisic's present condition was.
  13. A Tribunal statement outlined the probe of Karadzic, Mladic and Stanisic.
  14. The Hague Tribunal has not specified what its suspicions are about Stanisic.
  15. Karadzic met for hours with Stanisic and the Greek officials.
  16. The Bosnian Serbs released 121 peacekeepers on Friday after intervention by Stanisic.
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