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  1. John Stanish decided to have the oval paved with small pieces marble.
  2. Mr . Stanish instructed John Martorana to lay them.
  3. John Stanish was now his assistant.
  4. John Stanish, the lawyer who handled pardons under President Jimmy Carter, said when told details of the case.
  5. The Latin inscription reads, " Joannes Stanish Res Procuravit " ( John Stanish procured the material ).
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  7. The Latin inscription reads, " Joannes Stanish Res Procuravit " ( John Stanish procured the material ).
  8. Rob Balsamo and Glen Stanish ( A current Continental Pilot ) are the Founders of pilotsfor911truth . org .  Preceding contribs)
  9. "Then the FBI would cut off the background investigation and end it, " said Stanish, the former pardon attorney.
  10. Dozier also hired other former Nixon administration officials, as well as John Stanish, who had been the pardon attorney under President Jimmy Carter.
  11. Verity ! is not scripted, except for some contributors, like Ensign and Stanish, who use occasional notes in order to stay on topic.
  12. In an international, randomized controlled trial conducted by Stanish et al ., the safety and efficacy of the bio-scaffold was compared to microfracturing.
  13. Stanish concluded that this was a time when settlements were broadly distributed, located at various distances from the coast allowing access to a variety of marine and agricultural resources.
  14. John Stanish gathered free flexicore forms from Dayton, Ohio, free cement from the Burrell Construction Company, and free bricks from an abandoned brick-yard in New Kensington.
  15. Stanish collected marble, iron and bronze grilles, electric and plumbing equipment, lumber, panels, light fixtures, paint, chemicals, and ceiling and floor materials from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.
  16. "As a general rule, there's nothing in it for a president or an attorney general to do anything for anybody, " said John Stanish, who was a pardon attorney under President Jimmy Carter.
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