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  1. Stanis'third marriage was to mechanical engineer Terrence Redd.
  2. Actress BernNadette Stanis ( " Good Times " ) is 48.
  3. Stanis was quoted by Antara as saying.
  4. The album was released on 24 September 2010 with cover art credited to Stanis W . Decker.
  5. Stanis plays the role of, " Eva, " an overbearing mother to an overly ambitious son.
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  7. Outstanding PNG juniors Stanis Susuve and John James were invited to the AFL / AIS Draft Camp in November 2007.
  8. In July 2016, Stanis appeared on an episode of Centric's " Being " discussing her life and career.
  9. Stanis said President Soeharto was scheduled to open the depot some time in June but did not give a specific date for the ceremony.
  10. Her fourth husband is Kevin Fontana; an article in 2012 said they had been married 31 years, but Stanis was married to Redd circa 1981.
  11. *Bern Nadette Stanis and Ralph Carter, stars of the 1970s J . J ., they did not want to have Walker appearing as his character in the film.
  12. In early 2010, Campbell produced and directed a sitcom entitled, " Momma and Me, " starring BernNadette Stanis-formerly known as Thelma of CBS'Good Times.
  13. Overa Gibson was best and fairest in the 2008 International Cup . 4 Mosquitos were named in the All-International team  Donald Barry, Overa Gibson, Joe Lla and Stanis Susuve.
  14. Lee, who made his first film appearance in the 1954 film " Human Desire ", went on to appear in such films as " Thelma ( Bernadette Stanis ).
  15. "We only have to complete the finishing touches to the depot, " said Stanis Tefa, president of PT Flobamor, the project's main contractor, in Kupang yesterday.
  16. Other significant signings to the current junior team that played in the VFL included Stanis Susuve ( a member of Papua New Guinea's Phil all played senior AFL football with the West Coast Eagles ).
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