stanion in a sentence

  1. "' Stanion "'is a village and civil parish in the county of Northamptonshire in England.
  2. "' Little Stanion "'is designated by Corby Borough Council as a  committed new village.
  3. A new bypass, called the Corby Link Road, opened in 2014, from Barford Bridge on the A6003 to the A43 west of Stanion.
  4. ICTV also has two faculty advisors-Chris Wheatley, Ithaca College's Manager of TV and Radio Operations, and Paul Stanion, Studio Manager.
  5. Karen Stanion, the waitress in " Graveyard, " said : " He writes about a lot of things that people wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.
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  7. This was a fabled beast from English folklore, and according to various versions of the story the Stanion cow was either killed or died of a broken heart after being tricked by a witch.
  8. The Little Stanion Village Association ( LSVA ) was established in 2011 to ensure that residents of the village had a central point to receive information, share their views and have their questions answered.
  9. The village is within the parish of Stanion although the Borough Council is currently launching a Community Governance Review following the submission of a valid petition from residents requesting the establishment of a new independent parish council for the village.

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