stage weapon in a sentence

  1. The AAM-A-1 Firebird was a two-stage weapon, fitted with cruciform wings and tailfins.
  2. In the final Act, she activates Big O's Final Stage weapon by plugging herself directly into the megadeus.
  3. The other nuclear-armed nations, India, Pakistan, and North Korea, probably have single-stage weapons, possibly boosted.
  4. This first device though was arguably not a true hydrogen bomb, and could only reach explosive yields in the hundreds of kilotons ( never reaching the megaton range of a staged weapon ).
  5. According to photographs of disassembled weapons components taken before 1986, Israel possessed boosted weapons and would require supercomputers of that era to advance further toward full two-stage weapons in the megaton range without nuclear test detonations.
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  7. Though half of Big Fau is vaporized by Big O's Final Stage weapon, Alex survives and aims to finish Roger off-however, before he can do so, he is erased by Big Venus.
  8. The initial impetus behind the two-stage weapon was President Truman's 1950 promise to build a 10-megaton hydrogen superbomb as the U . S . response to the 1949 test of the first Soviet fission bomb.
  9. The High Virgo missile was a single-stage weapon, powered by a solid-fueled Thiokol TX-20 rocket, and was equipped an advanced inertial guidance system derived from that of the AGM-28 Hound Dog cruise missile.

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