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  1. Stage versions of movies have had more than their share of flops.
  2. However, their stage versions involved the use of curtains, mirrors and wires.
  3. A stage version of " The Sing-Along Sound of Music, " perhaps?
  4. The film removed the Nazi tourist characters from the original stage version.
  5. Consider these images from the new, stage version of " Tommy ":
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  7. Ian Fleming also reprised his role as Hastings from the stage version.
  8. It appeared first in its stage version in Douglas in August 1908.
  9. In 2007 the stage version was adapted and directed by Joe Tantalo.
  10. The vehicle is the stage version of the 1982 movie Victor / Victoria.
  11. They included a videotaped Ingmar Bergman stage version starring " Fargo's"
  12. It's a staged version of a documentary that may have been staged itself.
  13. A stage version premiered at Broadway Onstage in Michigan in 2011.
  14. Korngold conducted staged versions in Los Angeles in 1949 and 1953.
  15. But it won't be as much of one as the stage version offered.
  16. The stage version won the Writers Guild of Great Britain Award in 1992.
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