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  1. The Earth Return Vehicle is a two-stage vehicle.
  2. No upper stage vehicle design / redesign is funded by the contract.
  3. A two-stage vehicle is a vehicle that has been built by two separate manufacturers.
  4. His two-stage vehicle was designed to be driven by a series of dynamite explosions.
  5. Any new launch technologies the agency develops for the foreseeable future will be multi-stage vehicles.
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  7. The company earlier proposed a two-stage vehicle in which each stage was separately flyable and completely reusable.
  8. Ice storm preparation was in force in New Hampshire, where utility crews staged vehicles before the storm arrived.
  9. The switch would allow the Paralympics to receive more recognition and serve as an administrative staging vehicle for future Summer Games.
  10. The DC-3 was a two-stage vehicle with a large booster and smaller shuttle of overall similar design.
  11. The BrahMos missile is a two-stage vehicle that has a solid propellant booster and a liquid ram jet system.
  12. Many in the aerospace community concluded that an entirely self-contained, reusable single-stage vehicle could solve these problems.
  13. Other companies, such as Kistler Aerospace and Kelly Space and Technology, drew up plans for low-cost, two-stage vehicles.
  14. With the Cosmopolis XXI, Sergey Kostenko of Moscow turns an M-55 Geophisika aircraft into a two-stage vehicle by adding a rocket pack.
  15. These vehicles are usually built by an authorized second-stage vehicle modifier who will affix the National Safety Mark to the vehicle after completion and testing.
  16. Reaching orbit with a single-stage vehicle requires that the entire spacecraft, plus its cargo and crew, weigh only 11 percent of the total liftoff weight.
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