stabilities in a sentence

"stabilities" in Chinese  
  1. Today, radicals again are threatening the stability of our republic.
  2. It features an extra inner tube palette to provide additional stability.
  3. Vietnam's political stability has not come without a price.
  4. Whoever wins this, they still won't have stability.
  5. It argues that reforms are threatening China's social stability.
  6. It's difficult to find stabilities in a sentence.
  7. If stability continues, tourism also seems likely to pick up.
  8. The difference is the stability of the dyes in the paper.
  9. Concerns about the stability of color photographs aren't new.
  10. This universality has been the strength and stability of Social Security.
  11. There was never any stability, never anything to build on.
  12. Even beleaguered cities like Detroit and Chicago have achieved fiscal stability.
  13. But it added : " That stability is now past.
  14. Their overall sense of stability has got to be pretty shaky.
  15. They need stability, and he's stable ."
  16. But why would expectations of price stability add sizzle to stocks?
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