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  1. The contract included DFINE supplying its StabiliT System and related products to the Veterans Health Administration.
  2. Its product, the StabiliT Vertebral Augmentation System received United States Food and Drug Administration in 2008 and is CE marked for commercial sale in Europe.
  3. The StabiliT System is an FDA cleared device that uses radiofrequency targeted vertebral augmentation ( also written RF-TVA ) to repair compression fractures in the vertebrae.
  4. Conform scrisorii primite de la Republica si Cantonul Geneva, in iunie 2015, Departamentul Autoritatii Fiscale si Financiare Cantonez a exonerat IFIA de impozitele pe venituri si capital din anul 2015, pe o perioadata nedeterminata, datorita utilitatii publice a activitatii sale, asa cum este stabilita in statut ( 3 ) si IFIA a fost inregistratata ca un factor cheie stabilit in Geneva.
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