stabilisings in a sentence

"stabilisings" in Chinese  
  1. The question is : would this move help stabilise the rupiah?
  2. Analysts said they expected interest to continue as financial markets stabilised.
  3. But it is something we willconsider when the regional currencies stabilise.
  4. G-7 ECAs to help stabilise Asian markets, BUSINESS TIMES
  5. Investors believe the country has to stabilise first before focusing ongrowth.
  6. It's difficult to find stabilisings in a sentence.
  7. We have hit a rate which is going to be stabilised,
  8. Thus the area was stabilised by buttressing and inserting drainage adits.
  9. The lunate is stabilised by a medial ligament to the triquetrum.
  10. Former player David Topliss stabilised the Dreadnoughts'ship in 1987.
  11. Creepers, grasses and sedges stabilise sand dunes and uncompacted sediments.
  12. The cupola can be further fitted with a panoramic stabilised sight.
  13. The tower has been stabilised with a massive internal ring beam.
  14. Yuri is being used to stabilise Evil Zone to contain Ihadurca.
  15. He is a machine built to stabilise the rift like Sesehaten.
  16. Today, the market place for film memorabilia has mostly stabilised.
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