spit syndicate in a sentence

  1. He supported Spit Syndicate during their Money Over Bullshit Tour.
  2. Spit Syndicate completed a national Australian tour in support of the album, from March until May 2013, with support from Sydney artists Jackie Onassis.
  3. During the same year, Spit Syndicate released " Best Intentions : Part One ", the first of a free online mixtape series, and attracted over 10, 000 downloads.
  4. Spit Syndicate have supported local groups such as Funkoars, Urthboy, Ozi Batla, The Lullabyes, Phrase, Lyrical Commission and Hyjak N Torcha, and they toured New South Wales with Bliss N Eso twice.
  5. The Sydney, Australia, " One Day " hip hop collective consisting of Horrorshow, Jackie Onassis, Spit Syndicate and Joyride released its debut album " Mainline " through the Elefant Tracks label on 1 August 2014.
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