spit shine in a sentence

  1. His shoes were always spit shined and his clothes always pressed.
  2. 0900 hours _ Have maid make up room and valet spit shine Bruno Magli boots.
  3. I've saluted my superiors and spit shined my shoes and marched till my arches were aching.
  4. "We've offered him a free spit shine any time he wants, " she said.
  5. Even now, Hawkins uses a six-step process to achieve " a military spit shine ."
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  7. Mindful of his professional image, Berberian dresses in tie, sports coat and patent leather shoes and keeps his truck equally spit shined.
  8. Those addresses position him as mildly hawkish on foreign affairs and as a moderate with a populist spit shine on economic and educational issues.
  9. Suffice to say, it wasn't the spit shine that the dignified and polished Mouton preferred to have applied to his luminous black shoes.
  10. They were versed in the difference between an unsuitable spit shine on their shoes and what the late Bill Blass used to refer to as a gentleman's buff.
  11. Bill Clinton, who offered a vigorous critique of economic stagnation in 1992, now puts a spit shine on an economy that, though improved, still suffers many of the same problems.
  12. Polished to a spit shine, Macau welcomed its leader, President Jiang Zemin of China, as he landed here Tuesday to mark the former Portuguese colony's first year under Chinese sovereignty.
  13. He's the guy with the barber's clippers and the straight razor, trying to put a spit shine on a team that had gotten a little ragged over the past couple of years.
  14. One of the probable director nominees was previously considered one of those " Independents " : Gus Van Sant, whose " Good Will Hunting " is slick and buffed to a spit shine.
  15. !! 1 / 2 " JAG " ( 8 pm, premieres tonight ) The pilot's first hour is a sensational military drama, buffed to a spit shine and unafraid to condemn military sexism and homophobia.
  16. Maybe not every venue was completed to a spit shine, and maybe you didn't really want to look behind the tarp wrapped around that abandoned building, but Athens, and the Greeks, took care of all the basics.
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