spit out in a sentence

"spit out" meaning  "spit out" in Chinese  
  1. He spits out a hairball which is The Hair of a Hero.
  2. Toddlers should be cautioned to spit out the toothpaste, not swallow it.
  3. The itineraries are run through a computer that spits out the requirements.
  4. Almager spit out her mouthpiece before the referee called a technical knockout.
  5. Do not spit out bones and other such things onto your plate.
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  7. She buys a huge machine that swallows chickens and spits out pies.
  8. Their clunky treads are made to spit out mud, not work snow.
  9. You enter your address, and the tool spits out a dollar figure.
  10. Let the computer spit out eight teams and then let them play.
  11. They just spit out predictions based on the data fed into them.
  12. ATMs, computerized gas pumps and other interactive machines routinely spit out receipts.
  13. There are no bleeding bits of ear spit out by a crazed boxer.
  14. This structure extends as a spit out into the Wadden Sea.
  15. Scenes are spit out at the onlooker and placed one on the other.
  16. Certo screamed at his fighter as Golota spit out his mouthpiece.
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