spit or swallow in a sentence

  1. This will be a multipronged thorn stuck in their throat so they can't spit or swallow.
  2. As with much else in life, the critical decision is whether to spit or swallow . talk ) 19 : 32, 27 May 2011 ( UTC)
  3. Now,'do you spit or swallow ?'that is a question I never thought I'd see on the reference desk ! talk ) 18 : 17, 10 September 2009 ( UTC)
  4. The type of experiment you're asking about would require that people not blow their noses, but if your nose is full of snot it's going to come out somehow : either you blow it, snort it into your nasopharynx ( spit or swallow is your choice ), or it's just going to dribble out.
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