spit on in a sentence

"spit on" in Chinese  
  1. A major oil spill occurred near those spits on 11 November 2007.
  2. I went in there thinking he was going to spit on me,
  3. One day I slid into second, and a guy spit on me.
  4. Various wrestlers such as Matt Borne then stomped and spit on it.
  5. Many of them had picked up playground balls with spit on them.
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  7. Singh became angry and retorted how he could spit on his father.
  8. In doing so, he spit on the graves of Jefferson and Madison.
  9. Would the hippie have the nerve to spit on the soldier?
  10. Lena even goes so far as to spit on his grave.
  11. Visitors come into the museum and they want to spit on the bust.
  12. You asked Artin to slap you and to spit on you.
  13. Your Honor, I will not even spit on the sidewalk wrong.
  14. They trampled all over his rights and spit on the Constitution.
  15. They spit on him, whipped him and beat him with sticks,
  16. Communism is anathema to Vietnamese culture and a spit on its social fabric.
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