spit on the street in a sentence

"spit on the street" in Chinese  
  1. Every passing cough or sneeze seemed filled with sinister possibility, as did the ubiquitous gobs of spit on the streets.
  2. Using the RFK analogy, if an alleged mobster _ or terrorist _ spits on the street in defiance of an antispitting ordinance, arrest and prosecute the person.
  3. Wouldn't you love a clampdown on the many men who spit on the street and on subway platforms, a practice that is common, disgusting and a violation of the Health Code.
  4. In place of the model commune Dazhai is Jiang's prototype community of Zhangjiagang _ a glistening east China city where, according to the state-run media, no one ever throws litter or spits on the streets.
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