spit on a stranger in a sentence

  1. Elsewhere, " Spit on a Stranger " was released instead.
  2. The group serves up a snappy cover of " Spit on a Stranger " by the brainy indie-rock outfit Pavement.
  3. Once again, the two B-sides accompanying the title track were both also released on the US Spit on a Stranger single.
  4. Even that seems limiting, as Nickel Creek covers songs by everyone from Pavement ( " Spit on a Stranger " ) to Planxty ( " Time Will Cure Me " ).
  5. The B-side, " And Then " is actually an early version of " The Hexx " from Terror Twilight recorded several years earlier; it was also issued on the US Spit on a Stranger 7 " single.
  6. It's difficult to find spit on a stranger in a sentence.
  7. Influences range from the Beatles and the Velvet Underground all the way to King Crimson as these perennial cranks inject subtle wit and rare effort into the nicely blurred proceedings, enlivened by standouts like the radio-friendly " Spit on a Stranger, " slipshod riff-rocker " Cream of Gold " and the sweet country ballad " Major Leagues . " 3 stars
  8. The style of the recordings was similar to those found on the compilation At Home With the Groovebox ( " Robyn Turns 26 " and " Watch Out ! " ), the B-sides of the Spit on a Stranger single ( " Rooftop Gambler " and " The Porpoise And The Hand Grenade " ), and the demo version of " Major Leagues " found on the Major Leagues EP.

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