spit of land in a sentence

"spit of land" in Chinese  
  1. The construction of the canal in 1821 created a narrow spit of land.
  2. It sits on a spit of land, but is accessible only by boat.
  3. The same spit of land where Bogart,
  4. On the westerly point of Coney Island is a spit of land known as Nortons Point.
  5. Blinken called out, from the tip of a small spit of land to our right.
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  7. He stops just short of the ocean where a spit of land juts into the channel.
  8. The Coast Guard transported the Cuban refugees to this arid spit of land in eastern Cuba.
  9. The spits of land in Pollurinn.
  10. He has sailed by that remote spit of land at the tip of South America twice before.
  11. Their decision would have historic impact and give notoriety to a windy, desolate spit of land.
  12. Their wooden house was big by city standards, and they had a small spit of land.
  13. It sits on a spit of land that forms the southern entrance to the 蓆ang de Diane.
  14. On a crooked spit of land, soldiers in helmets cradled machine guns and scanned the pounding seas.
  15. Take the two views of a spit of land like a jetty jutting into the sea at Antibes.
  16. For 442 years, Portuguese officials have ruled this spit of land on the southeast coast of China.
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