speedometer needle in a sentence

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  1. It is not the speedometer needle twitching at 220 kilometers per hour that stirs trepidation.
  2. Instead the speedometer needle was pointing at zero.
  3. Turn the key and it springs to life _ but why are the tach and speedometer needles red?
  4. The speedometer needle surges : Mach . 97 . . . . 98 . . . . 99 . ..
  5. The speedometer needle whipped back and forth from 60 to 130 m . p . h . and back to 80.
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  7. Because many drivers perceive the speedometer needle to be too wide, they are relying on the digital speedometer more than the analog gauge.
  8. The locomotive's speedometer needle was found stuck at 95 km / h, suggesting the speed the train was moving at when the accident occurred.
  9. Dimpled caps for the axis of the fuel gauge needle, speedometer needle, and tachometer needle are matched by dimples on the door grabs in a subtle but neat interior touch.
  10. Not only are the red LEDs on the dash virtually impossible to read in daylight, but in this car the speedometer needle tended to disappear, too _ painted red, I guess.
  11. Every few miles he slows, the speedometer needle sinking, 50 kilometers, 40, 30, as he makes the heart-squeezing, sweeping turns that swing the huge bus around a curve better fitted to a vehicle half its size.
  12. Unlike so many of its siblings, which take forever off the line, this thing generates peak torque at 3, 000 r . p . m ., and the speedometer needle is zipping past 60 in about 5 seconds.
  13. Ken Lemoine of Framingham, Mass ., said his freshly restored 1965 Morris Mini Minor Traveller indicated 75 miles per hour at a dead stop, until the speedometer needle fell off, obscuring his view of the equally inaccurate fuel gauge.
  14. The KZP has over 95 % parts compatibility across the entire production run, and in fact the throttle twist assembly, which holds the switches for the pursuit lights and siren, kept the " M " position used by the C-series to lock the speedometer needle.
  15. Once the local speed limits, the roadwork and the traffic congestion have fallen away, what immense satisfaction accrues from watching the speedometer needle edge toward the magic 200 kilometers per hour line ( 125 mph ), in cars that are designed precisely for this kind of release.

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