speedo international in a sentence

  1. He currently works for Speedo International as the Global Sports Marketing Manager and manages the international sponsorships for the brand.
  2. Speedo International claims its new " Aquablade " suit uses a fabric that is faster through water than shaved human skin.
  3. Speedo International president David Robinson said in a press release " we are pleased to see this quality of talent emerging from the universities that have taken part.
  4. Speedo International, maker of the " Fastskin " suit, gave the go-ahead Thursday for Australian swimmers Michael Klim and Grant Hackett to unveil the new swimwear Sunday.
  5. Speedo International, sponsor of the U . S . and 40 other national swim teams, has spent $ 1.5 million perfecting Aquablade, which the company says has 23 percent less surface resistance than regular suits.
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  7. In an announcement, Speedo International President Joe Fields said two representatives chose not to travel here because it " is company policy not to demand employees travel to areas where they do not personally feel safe ."
  8. Still, Rubin was quick to fire back, abruptly announcing that Speedo International, a Pentland subsidiary that owns the Speedo brand name and licenses it to Authentic for use in North America, would no longer buy swim goggles from an Authentic factory.
  9. The softball games are tasty appetizers for Arizona's main Olympic feast : the Speedo International Swimming Championships, featuring the entire U . S . Olympic team, and an appearance by Dream Team III less than two weeks before the July 19 Olympic opening ceremonies.
  10. Today, the Arrow ( officially stylized as "'ARROW "') trademark is owned by PVH as part of its Heritage Brands division, along with Izod, Van Heusen, Warner s, Olga, and Speedo ( the latter licensed in perpetuity from Speedo International in North America only ).

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