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  1. That is why some titles list no specific price or publisher.
  2. The ban would apply to 19 specific assault-style weapons.
  3. Ware would not be specific about his reasons for having left.
  4. At times, Moore's eclecticism is specific and purposeful.
  5. I'm not going to get into specifics ."
  6. It's difficult to find specific in a sentence.
  7. Fehr believes Ravitch has a specific timetable for ending the strike.
  8. But specific provisions are probably not the key to reaching agreement.
  9. It is ready to negotiate blanket approval for specific nuclear programs.
  10. We want to look at specific issues and examine them closely.
  11. "They've modeled specific equipment from specific vendors.
  12. "They've modeled specific equipment from specific vendors.
  13. County health departments have specifics on when vaccines will be available.
  14. ICOS is now relying on specific guarantees from Rathmann and Gates.
  15. It is not known if the secret agreement is more specific.
  16. Clark, as is his way, refused to get specific.
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