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  1. In turn, Israeli specialists argue that there is no comparison.
  2. But he was much more than a Bruckner and Mahler specialist.
  3. Con : Except in e physician first before seeing a specialist.
  4. But there will be times when an adolescent specialist is needed.
  5. Her new coach, Jose Higueras, is a baseline specialist.
  6. It's difficult to find specialist in a sentence.
  7. The tumor specialist says he urged Jones to get radiation therapy.
  8. Some are unknown even to the city's chocolate specialists.
  9. He began in Westchester County government as an economic development specialist.
  10. The specialist who will most helpful to you is an rheumatologist.
  11. After consulting specialists, Christie concluded the music had been lost.
  12. Glantz is a specialist in biostatistics, heart function and tobacco.
  13. Even a specialist cannot turn a dud offering into a dream.
  14. Specialists in some fields have the option of practicing primary care.
  15. As befits a specialist, Chubb provides more coverage than average.
  16. In fact, Burrows is a specialist of the first rank.
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