specialist 4 in a sentence

  1. Thus, a specialist 4 was called " spec 4 ".
  2. He was fined $ 100 and demoted from the rank of sergeant to specialist 4.
  3. Johnson, who holds the rank of specialist 4, returned from Bosnia in early March.
  4. In 1970, he was drafted into the Vietnam War where he served as Specialist 4.
  5. Nishi was honorably discharged in early 1971 with the rank of specialist 4, said Detective Dennis Cornett.
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  7. The court fined Muhammad $ 100, sentenced him to seven days confinement and reduced his rank to a Specialist 4.
  8. Originally scheduled to fly on STS-126 was Joan E . Higginbotham, who was Mission Specialist 4 on STS-116.
  9. The platoon takes a break outside a river village in the Specialist 4 " Brownie " Brown, is killed when the Viet Cong ambushes them.
  10. M79s were assigned to the specialist 4 grenadier in both 4-5-man fire teams organic to an Army rifle squad headed by a squad leader.
  11. The Canadian-born Rusedski, who began playing for Britain two years ago, rallied from a break down in the second set to beat the Australian serve-and-volley specialist 4-6, 7-5, 6-3.
  12. The first ASA soldier to be a battlefield fatality of the Vietnam War was Specialist 4 James T . Davis ( from Livingston, Tennessee ) who was killed on 22 December 1961, on a road near the old French Garrison of Cau Xang.
  13. Matix's wife, retired U . S . Army Specialist 4 Patricia Buchanich, and a female co-worker, Joyce McFadden, were stabbed to death on December 30, 1983, at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, where both women worked.
  14. On a day when temperatures reached a Wimbledon record of 106.5 degrees ( 41.38 c ), Sampras recovered after losing the first set and proceeded to overwhelm the American doubles specialist 4-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-2.
  15. At camp, Major Pederson ( Marshall Bell ), assigns Cahill and Doyle, with Doyle in command, to secure and deliver a new elephant to the villagers, as well as two soldiers, Specialist 4 Harvey Ashford ( Doug E . Doug ) and Specialist 5 Lawrence Farley ( Corin Nemec ).
  16. The seven crew members who died aboard this final mission were : Rick Husband, Commander; William C . McCool, Pilot; Michael P . Anderson, Payload Commander / Mission Specialist 3; David M . Brown, Mission Specialist 1; Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist 2; Laurel Clark, Mission Specialist 4; and Ilan Ramon, Payload Specialist 1.
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