specialises in a sentence

"specialises" in Chinese  
  1. The troupe specialises in traditional Sri Lankan dances and modern ones.
  2. The company specialises in releasing rare and obscure recordings by The Monkees
  3. The company specialises in the production of large bespoke steel bars.
  4. The Anthropology and Archaeology Department specialises in cultural anthropology and archaeology.
  5. Its curriculum specialises in Islamic thought, secular world of today.
  6. It's difficult to find specialises in a sentence.
  7. Forward specialises in sci-fi novels such as Doctor Who.
  8. It specialises in selling cheap package holidays, flights and hotels.
  9. The Boswells School specialises in performing arts ( Artsmark Gold ).
  10. It is a performing arts venue which specialises in groundbreaking plays.
  11. The gallery specialises in British and French art from 1880 onwards.
  12. It covers an area of and specialises in Australian rainforest specimens.
  13. It has around 2000 pupils and specialises in business and enterprise.
  14. It offers a wide variety of courses but specialises in Business.
  15. The firm specialises in privacy, international law and commercial disputes.
  16. It was established in 1983 and specialises in jazz and blues.
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