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  1. It may have been produced at specialised workshops catering for the elite of a large area.
  2. The outputs of its work programme are manifested as published reports, papers and specialised workshops.
  3. The resulting ingots would then have been moved to coastal centres where shaping of the object would occur in specialised workshops.
  4. The steel was produced in specialised workshops called'crucible furnaces', which consisted of a workshop at ground level and a subterranean cellar.
  5. Students who sign-up for the programme will take part in specialised workshops, cultural visits, and lectures by guest speakers from leading industries.
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  7. This was in part because they produced at a lower cost by allocating different portions of the panels among specialised workshop members, a practice Borchert describes as an early form of division of labour.
  8. There are also dedicated Esperanto courses for participants with all levels of fluency, from beginners through intermediate levels all the way to specialised workshops in translation, language teaching, or specific aspects of Esperanto grammar.
  9. The capital city of Karakalpakstan, Nukus, opened a studio for making traditional Karakalpaki music instruments and ran a specialised workshop .  The Aral Sea Region : the Historical, Ecological and Social Aspects of the Region s Development roundtable happened in the Savistsky Museum of Art.

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