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  1. The trench was dredged primarily by a series of specialised vessels, in several stages and with different equipment.
  2. Industry contributors include Tom Todd ( German shipbuilding and repair ), Dag Pike ( high speed and specialised vessels ), Wendy Laursen, David Tinsley, Henrik Segercrantz, Eugene Gerden ( Russia ) Denzil Stuart and Jack Gaston ( tugs and towage ).
  3. The main issue impacting the global crew management sector and the wider shipping industry is an expected shortage of qualified seafarers over the coming years, especially for specialised vessels such as chemical, LNG and LPG carriers, engineering officers, and officers at management level.
  4. After the mail boats came more specialised vessels : freighters ( some with passenger accommodation ) and the widely known passenger liners, including famous ships such as ( launched 1925 ), " Christiaan Huygens " ( 1927 ), ( 1929 ), and ( 1938 ).
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