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  1. This is essentially an MBA programme with a specialisation in Agribusiness.
  2. Run-time algorithm specialisation is used to accelerate forward matching.
  3. TiddlyWiki has been used as a Software framework to build specialisations.
  4. The latter predicts only inter-industry specialisation and trade ".
  5. LUAS has over 20 degree programmes with over 40 specialisation lines.
  6. It's difficult to find specialisation in a sentence.
  7. Process Analytics has a similar degree of specialisation as Lab Analytics.
  8. Adil has a specialisation on media information, particularly the internet.
  9. The other four are : specialisation, and de-categorialisation.
  10. It integrates undergraduate and postgraduate studies in selected areas of specialisation.
  11. In the fourth year there is specialisation between Aeronautical and Avionics.
  12. From the age of eight, she published in secondary specialisation.
  13. His areas of specialisation in philosophy were chiefly epistemology and metaphysics.
  14. His areas of specialisation in philosophy were chiefly metaphysics and pedagogy.
  15. His areas of specialisation in philosophy were chiefly metaphysics and ontology.
  16. Additionally, the psychiatric nurses in the district hospitals lack specialisation.
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