spc ardmona in a sentence

  1. SPC Ardmona, an Australian company, has its main factory located in nearby Shepparton.
  2. It said on Oct . 11 it was in talks to take over food processing company SPC Ardmona.
  3. All sidings at the station, with the exception of the siding serving SPC Ardmona, were abolished in 1991.
  4. A siding for the SPC Ardmona fruit factory is located across from the station, and is served by Pacific National services.
  5. The brand is now owned and manufactured by SPC Ardmona, which has itself been owned by Coca-Cola Amatil since February 2005.
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  7. "The board is continuing to review strategic alternatives, including a potential merger with SPC Ardmona Ltd, " it said in a statement.
  8. It included initial listings for the SFE Corporation ( owner of the Sydney Futures Exchange ) and SPC Ardmona, before they moved to the Australian Stock Exchange.
  9. Australia's largest processor of canned fruits, SPC Ardmona, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Amatil, has production facilities in Shepparton and nearby Kyabram.
  10. Products produced and marketed under the IXL brand by SPC Ardmona include fruit bars, fruit snacks, and a wide range of fruit spreads, including gourmet, low sugar, and tumbler ranges.
  11. The Glen Ewin name was revived in the 1990s for a range of jams made by Henry Jones IXL, which was bought by SPC Ardmona in 2004 but none of these products was made at Houghton.
  12. Located one kilometre away is SPC Ardmona Kidstown, a playground as big as the MCG . The Kidstown Project was initiated by Geoff Allemand, a school teacher, who put the proposal to council in 1994.
  13. In 2014, the " end of the age of entitlement " was used to justify the government refusing financial assistance to Holden in South Australia and SPC Ardmona in Victoria and explaining why they could not participate in Barnaby Joyce's proposal for a bail out of farmers.

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