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  1. Both SPBV and SPBM inherit the rapid convergence of a link state control plane.
  2. When comparing SPBM to PBB, the behavior is almost identical to a PBB IEEE 802.1ah network.
  3. Figure 5 below is a quick way to understand what SPBM is doing on the scale of the entire network.
  4. A special attribute of SPBM is its ability to rebuild multicast trees in a similar time to unicast convergence, because it substitutes computation for signaling.
  5. However, SPBM on a node does not operate completely independently of its peers, and enforces agreement on the current network topology with its peers.
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  7. SPBM delivers this; because of its client-server model, it offers a perfect emulation of a transparent Ethernet LAN segment, which is the IP subnet seen at layer 3.
  8. A further consequence of SPBM's transparency in both dataplane and control plane is that it provides a perfect, " no compromise " delivery of the complete MEF 6.1 service set.
  9. SPBV differs from SPBM in that MAC addresses are learned on all bridges that lie on the shortest path and a shared VLAN learning is used since destination MACs may be associated with multiple SPVIDs.
  10. When an SPBM bridge has performed the computations on a topology database, it knows whether it is on the shortest path between a root and one or more leaves of the SPT and can install state accordingly.
  11. Learning is however implemented at the edges of the SPBM multicast tree to learn the B-MAC to MAC address relationship for correct individual frame encapsulation in the reverse direction ( as packets arrive over the Interface ).
  12. In SPBM, the Backbone MAC ( B-MAC ) addresses of the participating nodes and also the service membership information for interfaces to non-participating devices ( user network interface ( UNI ) ports ) is distributed.
  13. This is advertised by ISIS and all nodes then do the SPBM computation to determine if they are participating either as a head end or tail end, or a tandem point between other head and tail ends in the service.
  14. One ( SPBM ) is intended where complete isolation of many separate instances of client LANs and their associated device MAC addresses is desired, and it therefore uses a full encapsulation ( MAC-in-MAC a . k . a.
  15. This symmetry permits the normal Ethernet Continuity Fault Messages ( CFM ) IEEE 802.1ag to operate unchanged for SPBV and SPBM and has desirable properties with respect to time distribution protocols such as Precision Time Protocol ( PTP Version 2 ).
  16. Virtualisation is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a number of key applications, in both carrier and enterprise space, and SPBM, with its MAC-in-MAC datapath providing complete separation between client and server layers, is uniquely suitable for these.
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