spaciousness in a sentence

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  1. The timelessness and spaciousness that sometimes come when one is writing.
  2. What we don't need is spaciousness, Susanka says.
  3. He said that the spaciousness of the other apartment upset his equilibrium.
  4. I'm aware of spaciousness and light, rather than objects.
  5. The cowboy and the singer enjoy the spaciousness and serenity.
  6. It's difficult to find spaciousness in a sentence.
  7. The rear seat exceeded airline leg room with limousine-like spaciousness.
  8. Of course, you must pay for this spaciousness.
  9. The joyful detail and stoic spaciousness of the Cheever.
  10. Essentials : Spaciousness is a given at the Sawgrass.
  11. -- Power, styling, spaciousness, combination of ride and handling.
  12. Camden Yards'charm is its lack of spaciousness.
  13. Geographically, the 96 acres create an atmosphere of spaciousness and natural beauty.
  14. Mirrors around the walls enhanced the effect of spaciousness.
  15. The commercials highlight the spaciousness of the A330's business-class section.
  16. Their opening adagio was notable for its spaciousness.
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