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  1. Besides, the literary narration, the way of telling the story, the style, the sonorousness of the phrases, [ and ] the composition are all just as beautiful and interesting as the events that unfold.
  2. "These are instruments with mouth-piece and a mechanism of three cylinders; they are of enormous sonorousness, carrying far, and producing extraordinary effect in military bands intended to be heard in the open air.
  3. Le Monde, the country's most respected daily, suggested that the North American media had become overexcited about the figure skating controversy by giving an " unprecedented sonorousness " to a dispute over a fractional score difference.
  4. In " Buy One Get One Free, " two prostitutes solicit a customer with rhyming doggerel; it shows off Silverstein's virtuosic gift for wordplay, but the gag wears out and the sonorousness of line endings ( virginity / vicinity, effrontery / in front of me ) grows treacly.
  5. While professing to treasure that sound, both conductors sought to temper it in certain repertory with qualities more valued by other orchestras, often at the expense of overall sonorousness and color : clean, crisp rhythmic articulation; lean, pliant melodic line; and a general versatility of style, with the sound changing to suit different composers.
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  7. :' In 1892 Zamenhof proposed the following change : " Instead of the ending'- am'in various words one can use an apostrophe [ e . g . " ankor ", " apen " ] . . . This will increase sonorousness, while not introducing any confusion ( because'- am'does not belong to the root, but is only a conditional ending, and thus as easy to leave off as the'- o'of the noun ) . " But this elision of "-am " from adverbs was not put into practice; only in recent years have a few poets attempted to use it in verse .'
  8. Volume; melody; compass; resonance; sonorousness; simplicity; cultivation; powerful; exquisite; flexible; rich; full; distinct; nervous; rare; delicious; sweet; mellow; liquid; welling; gushing; wonderful; expressive; clear; enchanting; perfect; delightful; wonderful; extraordinary; thrilling; electrifying; melancholy; noble; pure; magnificent; splendid; glorious; astonishing; commanding; great; masterly; force of expression; sensation; harmony; charm; liveliness; ease; heart-pathos; depth of feeling; emotional power; tenderness; a host in itself; divine; beyond praise; heaven; a treasure; the great contralto.
  9. Robert Christgau of MSN Music praised the album as " an exciting, multivalent Dreijer sibling showcase " . " Spin " remarked that The Knife have " never sounded more in tune with the materiality of sound or the sonorousness of the physical world . " AllMusic's Heather Phares opined that " " Shaking the Habitual " isn't as cohesive or accessible as " Silent Shout ", and after experiencing the whole thing, fans may not return to it often, but it's hard to deny that it's an often stunning work of art ", dubbing the album " a testament to the Knife's skill that they make such formidable sounds so compelling for so long ".

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