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  1. Pinker admits some solecisms and euphemisms get on his nerves too.
  2. Part IV discusses errors ( barbarisms and solecisms ) and bad verse.
  3. But to write of to express the contraction've is a solecism.
  4. Malapropisms, solecism and catachresis are examples of this.
  5. This feature is widely stigmatized as being a solecism.
  6. It's difficult to find solecism in a sentence.
  7. It troubles me that such a solecism could get through the editing process.
  8. Carelessness is often overlooked and solecisms are transmitted as swiftly as the common cold.
  9. In the film, Borat commits cultural solecisms and exposes a few American ones.
  10. Grammatical solecisms abound; some reproduce literally Hebrew idioms as they appear in the Septuagint.
  11. To kill solecisms that are LOUSY.
  12. Please would somebody go through this vast list correcting the consistent solecism concerning baronets and knights.
  13. Time once again for the coveted Bloopie Awards, recognition of Madison Avenue solecisms that sends thrills of
  14. The Latin epistle contains many solecisms which originated with an author who lacked proficiency with Latin and Greek.
  15. Thank you, Jack, for pointing out my grammatical solecism, which I am happy to have corrected!
  16. It's a linguistic term analagous to a solecism, which no one seems to be wanting to delete.
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