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  1. DiVX is the softback to the hardback of DVD.
  2. The run was limited again to 150 softback sets.
  3. Washington Square Press, $ 14 ( softback)
  4. A softback version of the compilation followed in September 2008 and is available to retail distribution.
  5. The original publications were in an unusual format ( 15 cm x 7 cm softback pictorial ).
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  7. A less expensive binding method is that used for paperback books ( sometimes called softback or softcover ).
  8. The bat handle of the bookmark is easily lost and softbacks with entirely intact bookmarks command a price premium.
  9. He introduced a new typeface and new designs for the front covers of both the softback and hardback editions.
  10. This was printed on yellow paper with the same design as the softback, giving a uniformity of appearance to both formats.
  11. But I worry about my hard and softback friends and become defensive when someone talks up the coming ease of e-books.
  12. Fantasy Warlord is a single softback book of 192-pages mostly printed in black and white with a Gary Chalk front cover.
  13. We are trying to drive this to be a mass distributed, high-volume impulse purchase, like a trade softback or paperback book,
  14. Approximately 150 softback copies were produced of each year from 1864 to 1878 and made available either as part of a set or as singles.
  15. Although these mimic the appearance of the softback covers they are not true facsimiles as the original hardback editions were never issued with dust jackets.
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