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  1. Fantasy Warlord is a single softback book of 192-pages mostly printed in black and white with a Gary Chalk front cover.
  2. Unlike most RPGs which were ( and are ) primarily presented as box sets or large hardback or softback books, Dragon Warriors consisted of six paperback books of ordinary size.
  3. From women sporting rubber pig snouts to guys wearing heatproof gloves _ the better to turn salmon steaks _ this softback book celebrates the grassroots of barbecue, especially competition'cue.
  4. Roy Herbert's review of the paperback version written for the " New Scientist " magazine commented that " it is an amazing assembly, elegantly written and level-headed, with a wry remark here and there ", and that " this superb work is likely to be used so often that it is a pity it is a softback book ."
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