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  1. There is a snack counter, bar and souvenir shop.
  2. To the rear, the cafe car's only occupant was the Amtrak employee working the snack counter.
  3. Its appropriately named Crush Bar, for instance, will be complemented by new bars and snack counters.
  4. The lobby has a Federal Express drop-off box and a small snack counter tucked into one corner.
  5. Then, at the theater, Estha is molested by the " Orangedrink Lemondrink Man, " a vendor working the snack counter.
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  7. Convenience stores still keep them hot and rolling on the snack counter, and I guess the movie theaters account for high sales.
  8. For Samet, Bites represent a major step toward competing with industry giants such as Hershey and Mars for space at snack counters.
  9. Modest snack counters became coffee shops, then full-blown restaurants, followed by gourmet menus, and places to meet socially for lunch or dinner.
  10. At Beijing's Capital Airport, the snack counter offers an array of love oils, vibrators and specialty condoms among the candy bars and chewing gum.
  11. Without a proper home, Mike sneaks into the store at night to sleep in the storage room and live off the snack counter left-overs.
  12. For the first time, the company has also placed soft drink vending machines in theater hallways to cut down on trips to the snack counter.
  13. Unaware of all these sinister goings-on, the non-festive Kristen continues to sulk her way through the Christmas season as she works at the snack counter of a local department store.
  14. But in the range's gun shop, at its snack counter and out where men and their sons were firing their weapons at paper targets, dismay, even a little anger, was in the air.
  15. They were on their feet, all right . . . . Some were going east, some west, some to the snack counter, some to the bar, some to the restrooms, some just standing and gabbing.
  16. In addition to the ten rides, the walls were lined with coin-operated rides, a long section dedicated as a party room, and the back wall was a snack counter that included the typical amusement park fare : cotton candy, hot dogs, snow cones, nachos, and popcorn.

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