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  1. ;Ynys Gorad Goch : Two connected islands with weirs and Smoke Tower ., SH544712.
  2. Within the fortress, the remains of a number of buildings have been found, including a smoke tower, well, and food storehouse.
  3. Just before 10 a . m ., Fifth Avenue in midtown offered a clear view south of the two smoking towers downtown.
  4. Just before 10 a . m ., Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan offered a clear view south of the two smoking towers downtown.
  5. "Oh my God; oh my God, " she said, lowering her head onto Redwine's chest as the smoking towers flashed on screen, then collapsed.
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  7. Shortly before 10 a . m . Tuesday, Fifth Avenue in Midtown offered a nearly direct view south of the two smoking towers downtown.
  8. A smoke tower, to cure the fish stands on one of the eastern island, and this plus the more northerly fish wier are scheduled monuments.
  9. The building is a tall, four-sided pyramid with two " wings " to accommodate an elevator shaft on the east and a stairwell and a smoke tower on the west.
  10. Fifteen years after the Yankees last won the pennant and nearly 20 years after television cameras focused on a smoking tower and Howard Cosell told his World Series audience, " The Bronx is burning,"
  11. It is crowded with photograph after photograph, from wrenching images of the attacked Trade Center, weeping people and weary rescue workers, to a photograph of a man's beefy upper arm, decorated with a tattoo of the two smoking towers and teardrops.
  12. After my bus was turned back on Route 78 by news that the Lincoln Tunnel had been closed _ news that reached us just as the smoking towers came into view _ I went to the elementary school that my 9-year-old son attends out of a desire to do something useful, maybe help talk to the students.

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