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  1. The SMF specification was developed and is maintained by the MMA.
  2. With SMF, there is one consistent interface to ease administration.
  3. Games are contested at SMF field ( formerly Gordie Howe Bowl)
  4. Social Market Foundation : www . smf . co . uk
  5. The " it " SMF International was created in 2004.
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  7. The localization team is responsible for translating SMF in to multiple languages.
  8. Most support is provided by SMF's support team.
  9. A converter was developed to convert YaBB SE to SMF.
  10. The Package Manager included in SMF is one of the flagship features.
  11. SMF forms the basis for many monitoring and automation utilities.
  12. The advantage of SMF is that it can work over longer distances.
  13. The SMF became known as a strong supporter of socialism.
  14. Instead they chose Strider's SMF folding knife as their issued blade.
  15. In 2014, SMF celebrated its 25th anniversary season.
  16. Subsequently in 1961, SMF was renamed to Singapore Armed Forces ( SAF ).
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