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  1. He won it with a smash down the line which Park thought was out.
  2. Lloyd then smashes down the front door and rescues Russ, Freddie and Joshua.
  3. Blend at low speed, stopping often to smash down the ingredients until they amalgamate.
  4. He's not part of the Modernist tradition that smashes down the invisible fourth wall.
  5. He won the 1992 World Series for Toronto with a smash down the third-base line.
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  7. They exchange a pristine kiss just before the Nazis smash down the door to their hiding place.
  8. DiMaggio hit two smashes down the third base line, which Keltner stopped, throwing him out.
  9. Grosjean tracked the soft smash down, then magically brushed a topspin lob over Agassi's head.
  10. Heavy gunfire rattled the presidential palace in Caracas and a tank tried to smash down the palace door.
  11. When walls crumble, roofs smash down, leaving few air pockets and crushing or suffocating anyone inside.
  12. But Philippoussis broke again in the next game and won the match on a forehand smash down the line.
  13. How is your house ? " Smash down . " How are the cinnamon trees ? " Stand up ."
  14. The " subedar " orders his soldiers to charge the factory, and they smash down the door.
  15. Maybe it has to be able to smash down doors to get into a room-or avoid fallen debris.
  16. When the walls crumble, the roofs smash down, leaving few air pockets and crushing or suffocating anyone caught inside.
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