smartnesses in a sentence

"smartnesses" in Chinese  
  1. This is what we call smartness in the human sense.
  2. _The smartness of " Gilmore Girls ."
  3. We have a saying : In difficult situations, smartness will emerge,
  4. US line offers sexy smartness in 1998, NEW STRAITS TIMES
  5. Is smartness innate, or is something that can change?
  6. It's difficult to find smartnesses in a sentence.
  7. The word, smartness, seems so subjective and imaginary.
  8. I am working on a topic about the smartness of nowadays people.
  9. Using base eight is no indication of " smartness " ."
  10. ASLERD is strongly involved in supporting secondary schools in improving their smartness.
  11. The essence of smartness is an extra 150-thousandths of a second.
  12. There is a tremendous amount of smartness in this.
  13. With his smartness and knowledge of the game, he can do it.
  14. Unfortunately, it was the shows'smartness that helped bring their demise.
  15. While designed for smartness and equality, the Scout uniform is also practical.
  16. They lack what is called street smartness or tact.
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