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  1. It is the end of Georgia basketball being sloppy and sluggish.
  2. We came out sluggish and they got a couple of breaks.
  3. New car sales have been sluggish and homes sales have dropped.
  4. If unemployment remains stubbornly high, consumer demand could become sluggish.
  5. In other sectors, production again was sluggish, on balanced.
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  7. In other sectors, production again was sluggish, on balance.
  8. Job growth has been very sluggish for most of this year.
  9. Bonds strengthened as several reports showed signs of a sluggish economy.
  10. A sluggish float can also be caused by a leaking float.
  11. Sluggish sales at clothes stores hurt the state's retailers.
  12. The company blamed high raw material costs and sluggish retail sales.
  13. Improved trading income and reduced risk provisions offset sluggish interest revenues.
  14. Many investors say the figures will confirm economic growth remains sluggish.
  15. In part, that's due to sluggish holiday sales.
  16. A lack of competition has allowed these companies to become sluggish.
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