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  1. Skilled workers now fill more than 60 percent of all American jobs.
  2. Barclay imported skilled workers and engineers from England to man his mills.
  3. Skilled workers had been called up for military service in the Wehrmacht.
  4. Contractors turned to Romania, where large numbers of skilled workers were idle.
  5. He also noted the lack of Africans trained to be skilled workers.
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  7. Reorganization tends to increase demand for skilled workers, who are more flexible.
  8. The development of the energy industry requires the employment of skilled workers.
  9. Businesses these days also are hiring more skilled workers than ever before.
  10. As technology evolves rapidly manufacturers are constantly struggling to recruit skilled workers.
  11. The industry will then need more workers, engineers and other skilled workers.
  12. They also warn of an impending labor shortage, particularly of skilled workers.
  13. Although its economy is rapidly modernizing, opportunities for skilled workers remain limited.
  14. We have skilled workers who are trained by Volkswagen to work here.
  15. Many took advantage of the Canadian immigration point system for skilled workers.
  16. The biggest problems today : finding enough skilled workers and office space.
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