situation in a sentence

"situation" meaning  "situation" in Chinese  
  1. This whole situation works out for me and for the organization.
  2. They create a lot of threats in goal-mouth situations.
  3. "They didn't undertand the situation ."
  4. But Simpson has not introduced any legislation to change the situation.
  5. PG-13 ( language, adult situations ) . 3.
  6. It's difficult to find situation in a sentence.
  7. R ( language, violence, adult situations ) . 2.
  8. At the time, the situation was dire for Italian soccer.
  9. If the Giants could only say that for the quarterback situation.
  10. SEX Some bare breasts, skinny-dipping and sexual situations.
  11. The Japanese situation made reparation achievable and measurable for black Americans,
  12. We hope they would understand this is a dynamic moving situation,
  13. Art Shell told me what the situation is going to be.
  14. Barry just inherited a situation he couldn't turn down.
  15. Nothing personal, I just wanted to be in that situation.
  16. "It's almost an unbelievable situation,"
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