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  1. If situation ethics prevail, socioeconomic anarchy will be the inevitable result.
  2. The English term " situation ethics " was taken from the German " Situationsethik ".
  3. Moreover, Clinton violated the code of sexual situation ethics.
  4. In college we studied " situation ethics ."
  5. Even during his brief time in divinity school, Gore picked up the concept of situation ethics.
  6. It's difficult to find situation ethics in a sentence.
  7. Sure, this was situation ethics for Bush, whose geopolitical soul remains surprisingly and sadly unilaterialist until he gets in a jam.
  8. Lying to kids teaches them, eventually, that lying is OK . That's called " situation ethics " . carrots 16 : 12, 25 July 2009 ( UTC)
  9. Fletcher has sometimes been identified as the founder of situation ethics, but he himself refers his readers to the active debate over the theme that preceded his own work.
  10. It stands as a thoughtful and thought-provoking study of the eternal clash between ultimate good and ultimate evil-- a topic too seldom pondered in an era of moral relativism and situation ethics.
  11. I want to be clear that I'm not advocating _ or defending _ what many people call moral relativism, which insists on what used to be known as " situation ethics, " in which there are no core principles.
  12. To the social conservatives who now hold sway in the GOP, Clinton is situation ethics and moral relativism incarnate, be the issue the current dispute about sex and lying or his older controversial actions _ draft evasion, anti-war activism and smoking marijuana.
  13. But when Bush's earlier understanding of the conflict complicates his desire to make nice with nominal Arab allies in preparing to do whatever it is the United States is going to do to Saddam, the president seems willing to fall back on ( gasp ) situation ethics.
  14. Torricelli's deeds have earned him scorn and admiration, and while his supporters routinely describe him as brave, courageous and independent in his approach to issues, his detractors deride him as a master of situation ethics, whose actions are unpredictable and based on the desire for quick notoriety and political expediency.
  15. Fletcher, who became prominently associated with this approach in the English-speaking world due to his book ( " Situation Ethics " ), stated that " all laws and rules and principles and ideals and norms, are only contingent, only valid if they happen to serve love " in the particular situation, and thus may be broken or ignored if another course of action would achieve a more loving outcome.

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