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  1. Color displays with 3D map overlays enhance the situation awareness.
  2. Clarified Networks provides a wide set of different situation awareness tools, including:
  3. The level of disaster response depends on a number of factors and particular situation awareness.
  4. However, situation awareness is also present because there is no shared view of the pieces.
  5. Let alone its capabilities such as air to air combat, ground attacks and situation awareness.
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  7. ARGOS improves situation awareness, facilitates decision support, and information sharing among the emergency response organizations.
  8. A model of inter-and intrateam situation awareness : Implications for design, training and measurement.
  9. The ability of the flight crew to maintain situation awareness is a critical human factor in air safety.
  10. Sustained low workload ( underload ) can lead to boredom, loss of situation awareness and reduced alertness.
  11. In addition, Dr . Endsley has developed training programs for enhancing situation awareness among individuals and teams.
  12. The layout and function of cockpit displays controls are designed to increase pilot situation awareness without causing information overload.
  13. JFCC-ISR generates an ISR Global Situation Awareness display and shares data from that display with appropriate entities.
  14. Lacking or inadequate situation awareness has been identified as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed to human error.
  15. FBCB2 is required for situation awareness and maneuver force communications in distributed operations and on the non-linear battlespace.
  16. She is co-author of two books, Analysis and Measurement of Situation Awareness and Designing for Situation Awareness.
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